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I am designed to make carpooling hassle-free for your community of parents who routinely have to coordinate student pickups! 

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About the App

A Few Words

Carpooling to pickup and drop students does not have to be a gargantuan load on parents, when CarpoolEzy is at your finger tips!

Conceptualized and developed by a high-schooler and parent, whose first-hand experience carpooling to an out-of-district school commute, this app is designed to add accountability and much needed transparent and timely communication of carpool activities. 
By forming a community of parents , you can leverage the benefits of a large virtual carpool that is no longer constrained by the size of a single car. ! 
New Possibilities

Features & Benefits


Automated Roster

Scheduling gets very complex as a group gets bigger or we add school calendar into the mix. The automatic roster generation prepares your roster for up to two months in advance. 

What’s more, we regenerate the roster and notify parents when your community grows !


Swap Pickups

Are you going to be out of town on the day you have a scheduled pickup ? 

Swap your pickup with a single tap in our app. The system will identify candidates who can potentially swap with you and once both parties review and accept – your pickups are swapped !! 


In-App Messaging

You no longer need to scroll through a messaging chat to determine if it is your turn tomorrow to pickup !. Our app will send out notification reminders for your assigned pickups the day prior 

Message with other parents and students for any assigned pickup within the app !



Your personal contact information does not have to be disclosed with the other parents to communicate for carpooling anymore with our app. 

No need to inform when your phone number or device changes to carpool groups anymore !


Student 'Raise hand'

Does your student occasionally need to stay back longer at school ? They no longer have to rush to join the carpool with this feature !

Our app can connect rides with seat availability to your students for those eventualities !



Join the carpool community and make new friends. Often times parents from the same community are unaware of others who are carpooling and being on this app is a perfect way to build stronger communities, and be good to our Earth ! 

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Our BETA Users Love Us

Reviews &

out of 5

” Before using this app, our carpool group was maintaining excel sheets. With CarpoolEzy, we have information weeks in advance for our pickups “

11 Dec / Vikram Patil

” We love the Swap feature that allows us to reach out to the group of 20 parents rather than the original 3 parents in our carpool group of four. “

3 Dec / Dana Simpson

” I am a new resident to the community in this area and not having built friends yet I was going to struggle with getting into a carpool group. Thanks to Carpool EZY, it was a breeze getting into the community within 1 day. Love that it is monitored by the community administrators for legitimate members”

27 Nov / Calla Wang

 “I am a student in High School, and this app is simple to use and has saved me tons of time trying to find out which parent will pick me up today and coordinate with other kids. Everything is at the touch of a tap now !  “

19 Nov / Anita Gill

” The Student feature to ride on additional available capacity is so cool. Prior to this app, I used to be obligated to return with my carpool group. With ‘Raise my Hand’ feature I am able to find additional seats available later in the evening for the same commute! “

30 Oct / Laila Smith

Detailed reviews download coming soon..

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